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Laureli Shimayo


Strategic, Scientific & Practical


Laureli is a certified coach, consultant and personality assessor with training and experience in science, business, psychology and psychotherapy. Laureli is a pragmatist; she uncovers knowledge and provides resources that produce great results.

She began her career in science as a geneticist and molecular biologist. She worked in academia (B.S. UC Berkeley, M.S. Caltech) and industry (cancer research, agriculture, law, consumer products). She is a patent agent familiar with all areas of intellectual property.


Laureli eventually realized her favorite subject and passion was people – understanding their motivations and behavior - then using this awareness to facilitate making things work. She became adept at assessing and using ThriveTypes, received certification in the somatic psychology work of Robert Augustus Masters, studied psychotherapy with Betty Cannon, and received certification in the Tools for Conscious Living and Loving with Gay and Katie Hendricks. Laureli also completed the 2-year Leadership and Transformation (LAT) training with Katie Hendricks and became a leader-facilitator in the Authentic Relating community. She applied these skills with leaders and business teams at Culture Counts where she also learned and integrated how to use Games for thriving in business.

In leadership and business, Laureli specializes in leadership development, team dynamics, organizational design, strategic planning, culture change, talent management (hiring, placement, onboarding), the entrepreneurial journey, skills training, and career advancement.

In life and love, Laureli is able to approach all topics from a grounded, realistic and practical perspective, including assessing a person’s Sweet Spot or Genius with ThriveTypes, changing career direction, resume writing, couples coaching, stay or go decisions, dating, online dating (profile copy, photos, site selection, the process), recognizing diversity, raising children, body intelligence, healing trauma and much more.

Laureli offers complimentary mini-sessions to explore working together. Learn more and connect: 

720-352-2434 (text)

Intuitive, Spacious & Spiritual


Laureli is an intuitive reader, healer, spiritual explorer and teacher with natural capacities for feeling, sensing, knowing and articulating subtleties in the metaphysical arts. Laureli brings awareness and presence; she makes connections and provides insight that empowers openings and transformation. 

She first opened to her gifts in childhood, keenly observing emotional and psychological patterns in her family of origin. As a teenager she realized that nature and nurture did not fully explain the uniqueness and preciousness of each individual nor the distinctions of mind and brain. Laureli was already looking deeply into eyes, aware of how they so deeply conveyed a person’s essence. She gradually embraced more alternative healing and health practices, spiritual approaches, plus existential and transpersonal psychology. She began to read eyes with ThriveTypes using scientific observation and pattern recognition, and then, from the desire to refine her skill, finally opened to her intuition. By healing her own trauma with Body Psychology (a melding of all her somatic psychotherapy trainings), and expressing and focusing on what was fulfilling (expressing her purpose), Laureli opened to the subtle realms of metaphysics: claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy and now also clairvoyance. Laureli’s Intuitive Eye Readings combine all her skills, capacities and gifts in a fluid blend.


In addition to offering her own sessions, Laureli also runs inspiring and transformative in-person and online MeWe Metaphysics and Wellness Events for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul.

In authentic and conscious leadership and soulful business, Laureli specializes in transcending cultural norms, achieving the quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and purpose), the fulfilling of each person's life purpose in a sustainable workplace, connecting aligned people and organizations, and using all interactions as feedback to empower growth and spiritual development.

In life and love, Laureli holds space for the diversity of contexts people bring to this moment. She recognizes and shines light on past patterns blocking authenticity and suggests solutions. Laureli partners with people as they untangle and step into authenticity and presence, raising their threshold of willingness to experience spiritual deepening, joy, and fulfillment. Laureli’s intuitive elements weave easily with her practical wisdom about embodying spiritual principles on the physical plane with all topics from spiritual growth and healing, to raising conscious kids, to conscious online dating and matchmaking.

Laureli offers complimentary mini-sessions to explore how she might partner with you on your path. Learn more and connect: 

720-352-2434 (text)

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